Wednesday, March 25, 2015


How is it possible that our little man is two already? It feels like time has truly sped up since we have him - probably because having two kids truly keeps us on our toes.

At age two Adam:

-LOVES his Cookie Monster shoes. He likes to put them on the second he wakes up and says goodnight to them when we finally make him take them off. He still loves his "baby" lamby more though
-Talks up a storm. He can put a half dozen words together in a sentence, and is clear enough that most people can understand him. And of course, we love his monster voice
-Can count to ten
-Identifies most of his colors, but as he's always done, will refuse to answer questions just because. He refuses to be a trained monkey!
-Climbs up onto just about everything
-Loves helping in the kitchen. He will put on his apron and bring Ellie and I our aprons as well. The other morning he got his apron, grabbed a bowl, came to me and goes "MAKE!"
-Favorite books are Snowy Animals, the Babies on the Bus, You are My I Love You, and Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You. He also loves pop up books and books with touch and feel pages
-Can imitate most animal noises. Loves yelling at crows and "buzzy bees." Deeply enjoys petting the cats, and especially loves laying on poor, patient Petunia
-Loves a good dance party
-Favorite foods are peanut butter sandwiches, cheerios, crunchy peas, kitty cookies and berries
-Adores his sister beyond measure, but is starting to get really salty to other little boys his age. The other day Hal walked in and Adam walked over and shoved him and said "MINE!" over nothing
-Still a pretty solid mama's boy
-Is starting to take up coloring, mostly on paper. Sometimes on other items
-Is the funniest little snuggly darling. I can't imagine our life without him

For his birthday we met up with Judd at the Spectrum. Played on their play ground, bought some new clothes, spent forever trying to buy a few sundries at Target. We took the boys out to lunch and I had intended to go on the carousel and the train, but time was running out so train only it was! Sorry Adam! Then we got Ellie from school and went and bought some new Altoids, because my kids LOVE breath mints.

Tonight we had the family over for dinner. It was such a nice evening that we ended eating al fresco, and then Ellie cried a lot because it wasn't her birthday and it wasn't her pan of brownies or ice cream, and she had to wait her turn to get Grizz to squirt whipped cream into her mouth. It's hard to be the older sister. Thankfully, she recovered in time to open all of Adam's presents for him.

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