Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In Recent News

Let me see. Friday I took Ellie to the strawberry patch on a field trip with her class. It was pretty great! We started with a tractor ride around Tanaka Farms, to learn about their history and what they plant and at each stop we got to try some of the produce. Onion, carrots, celery, bok choy and a few others. Then to the strawberry fields! They gave each kid a container and told them that they could fill it up, and then eat more if they wanted. I was STARVING at that point, so shoved a million strawberries into my maw. I was seriously waiting for one of the workers to spray me with a pesticide, thinking that I was an invasive species.

Ellie with her school bestie Paige

Adam stayed with Gigi and Grizz, which was really nice. He's come with me on the last two field trips and it's made it hard to pay attention to Ellie or the other kids and parents. This time, just me and my girl. And a couple of her classmates who seem unusually enamored with me.

Saturday we went to Marco's birthday party, where there was a bounce house, lots of delicious cupcakes, and to Ellie's joy and sorrow, a pinata. She was so mad that she wasn't the one who actually busted it open. But then again, it wouldn't be a fun social gathering without Ellie having a totally needless, overdramatic melt down. I might as well leave her in a dog crate in the yard for how much she seems to enjoy parties specifically designed to delight small children.

Saturday after nap time, I went to the hardware store and got a new plastic pool for our summer season, and it was a hit! We had friends come over and just enjoyed sitting out in the back yard, watching the kids play, drinking beers and having dinner.

On Sunday after our family walk, we went out to Yorba Linda and left the kids with Mimi and Poppy so that Tim and I could go have a much needed date. We actually ended up seeing our friends Ed and Erlynne, who are getting married next January, and having their union officiated by Tim and me. I know, bad choice, but hopefully we can do right by them. So I made them tell us the story of how they met and fell in love while we sat and had some snacks and drinks.

Yesterday we had another busy, fun one. The morning was pretty quiet because Mimi had to work, so I hung out around the house until we were all a little nuts, then took a good run. Sara also had to work, so Adam had to come with me to ballet. It ended up working out pretty well - Ellie went to ballet, and after some initial sobbing about wanting to stay with his sister, Adam consented to go to the park with me for most of the hour. He was so cute, running all over, and really enjoying the "wed side" (red slide.) And trying to escape to freedom.

Funny how he can look so big and so little all at the same time.

Then once again, we did something that was supposed to be fun for the kids but ended with a needless meltdown. Nicole hosted a nice dinner and an Easter egg hunt at her house, which we headed to after ballet. Ellie had lots of snacks, all of her friends and egg hunt fun, and of course, ended up a total sobbing mess midway through. Watching the kids egg hunt is so funny - I figured now that they're all three and four, they'd do better at finding the eggs. Nope. It's like watching a bunch of blind monkeys screech and bounce around the yard, not seeing the eggs "hidden" in plain sight, right in front of them. And then the thrill of opening everything up. Because I am a pig, I ate almost all of the candy I bought last week, intending to use for eggs. Ooops! Looks like the Easter Bunny has more shopping to do before this weekend.

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