Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Little Lady.

She is a nut. An absolute nut. She has been talking for months about how she's going to learn to skateboard, and Friday when we were over at Gigi's the neighbor kids were out riding bikes and scooters, so first Ellie began riding her big wheel like a bat out of hell, undies exposed for all to see. Then Zach (the dad) was on his skateboard, and when Ellie expressed interest, he let her borrow one of their beginner boards. So now at Gigi's, this is happening:

Not pictured: all of the crying and whining that goes along with Ellie learning a new thing.

This is from this morning - she made me a picture of my two beautiful children:
Looks just like them.

She had a great time at Easter dinner with her cousins. The three of them ran around like absolute nuts, and pretty much only stopped to eat cupcakes. The best part is Ellie was the last one to the table, and walked by the girls with their cupcake faces and said "you are a mess."
Takes one to know one.

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