Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break Survived!

Ellie's school had spring break last week, AND Mimi had to work for her super mean boss, so we had none of our usual activities. We managed to keep mostly busy and happy though. Ellie is going through a horrible phase where once she gets upset about something, she can't dial it back, and any efforts to calm her and get her back into enjoying life mode is like throwing gas on a fire. Namely, Wednesday we tried to go to the Discovery Science cube with Sara Jo and Whitney for bubble fest, and despite me warning her that if she couldn't behave, she would be getting hauled back out to the car and taken home, about fifteen minutes into the show she began weeping over nothing, which then escalated into weeping because she didn't get picked to go up on stage, and then weeping allllllllllllll they way out to the car. And it was a long walk. Plus weeping on the way home. I am trying to ride it out and let her know that her behavior is not acceptable, but I'm ready to slap her across the face and scream "SNAP OUT OF IT!" like Cher.

I am basically surprised that people still invite us to things, because my kids melt down like a couple of ants under a magnifying glass. Guaranteed. I can think of very few events we've attended lately that do not end with Tim and I each carrying a crying child to the car - and these are situations where the kids are not overtired or hungry. They are just explosive pains in the ass.

Fun things we've done though - Ellie has been spending a lot of time drawing, which she loves. She can write her name (both Ellie and Elizabeth) and has learned how to spell love, and draw hearts. We've also spent a lot of time in the backyard enjoying the nice weather, watching the hummingbirds hum around the feeder, riding bikes, drawing with chalk. We had a picnic at the park this weekend, which was really fun for them. We did family movie night not once but twice! And some time bothering Gigi and Grizz.

Bonus: Ellie is learning to toss around the frisbee. This video makes me laugh SO hard. Because as Ellie says, I am the mean old mommy.

And here is Adam, being a goofball.

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