Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend with Friends.

Saturday morning we headed out to Knotts Berry Farm to meet up with Parissa and James and their kids. Mila and Adam were born five days apart, and baby Rahim just turned six months. Ellie LOVES Mila, and she was so excited to get to go to an amusement park. Though I did have to back
pedal after I told her it was "like Disneyland" because she immediately started asking what princesses would be there. Sorry, only Snoopy! Who is not actually a princess! We had a good time riding the rides in Camp Snoopy, and then Ellie was able to ride the Mexican hat dance ride a few times while all of the smaller kids rode the carousel. We had a fun time, but when we got home I had to go lay down for awhile. I am not cut out for the amusement park lifestyle, especially if I have to bring my kids.

Not visible here: the fact that Adam was wearing a hand me down UCLA basketball shirt with ruffles at the shoulders. Did not realize it was designed for ladies. He made it look good.

Then Sunday afternoon we went over to hang out with Lexi, Judd and Whitney. The dads were off playing video games until dinner time, and the second all three of them walked through the door, all three moms took off like a shot for some Sunday Funday times minus children. We spent a good five hours talking each other's faces off, and it was much needed. Whitney had been barfing during the week, Lexi broke her arm on Friday at school, and I had been alone with my kids all week, so all three of us needed to blow off some steam and drink some glasses of alcohol.

Within an hour we got texts from the dads that they had ordered pizza and put on a movie for the kids. Parenting at its finest!

Both boys are really devoted to wearing shoes at all times.

Speaking of shoes, Gigi has generously donated two pairs of high heels so that my children can feel like royalty.

The only downside is that the sound of the kids clomping makes me want to wear noise canceling headphones. HATE. I have actually hesitated on moving my shoe rack back to the hall closet, because it's been so nice to have my heels hidden in our master closet, away from clompy and stompy.

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