Saturday, March 7, 2015

Getting It Done!

You may or may not have known that Tim was out of town all of this week, hanging out with his many, many nerdy boyfriends at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. This is the first trip he's had since Adam was born, To say I spent a lot of time whining beforehand would be an understatement, though I realize how lucky I have it, to have a husband who doesn't leave the house until 8:30am most days, and who is home in time for dinner. He spoils me with his helpfulness!

We survived, and did well! The only big snafu was that on Tuesday morning, as Tim was leaving, I discovered that my double stroller had popped a tire. Thankfully, since it was Tuesday Mimi came by shortly thereafter and I took Adam for a run in the single, and later in the week Grizz helped me fix my tire (Adam was so cute at the bike store, proudly carrying my bag out to the car for me, and putting it in the trunk. He loves being a big boy.) And Gigi covered for me twice this week when I needed to go and take a nap to deal with my head cold. She is a nice, merciful Gigi.

The other big problem is that our internet has been really spotty, so hence all of these photos that I wanted to share but was una. BLAME TIM.

When Ellie stayed over at Mimi's the other week, Adam really missed her. So much so that he stuck on her bunnies and walked around saying "Ellie bunny hop hop."

She is really getting much more solid on her roller skates. Downsdie, when she bikes or roller skates, most of the time Adam tries to put his cozy coupe in front of her path. Thanks for nothing, bad baby!

All of my cuties from a night out at the Spectrum a week or so ago.

My cute, crazy fashion blogger

The best picture of all of us with Grandpa Charlie

The best picture of all of us with Grandma Rosie

As with all family pictures, there are many out takes.

Last week we went with Whitney and Lexi and Gigi and Sara to see Fancy Nancy on tour. Such fancy, fancy girls!

Some fancy posing and dancing. We got to meet the author and illustrator, and the girls lasted through the book reading, a couple of cute little games and treat time, but then they felt they could scoot out without standing in the hour long line to get their books signed. Fine by me!

This is how we keep busy when Daddy is gone.

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