Saturday, March 14, 2015

Before and After!

It's done! It's done! The bathrooms are done! The fireplace is on hold until the guys finish up at the house Glen is flipping, but the bathrooms and bedrooms are finished!

Master bathroom, before:

Master bathroom, AFTER!

Kids bathroom before:

Kids bathroom, AFTER!

Our closet, before:

Our closet, AFTER!

Ellie's closet, before:

Ellie's closet, AFTER!

Linen cabinets, before:

Linen cabinets, AFTER!

Bedroom doors, before:

Bedroom doors, AFTER!

And now, my thoughts: I am intensely pleased with everything. I love how it looks, and I love the added functionality of everything. It's a house that fits our needs now - the double sinks, the higher set showerheads, the storage space. OH THE STORAGE SPACE. The lack of real closet in Ellie's room had caused me to turn Adam's closet into a dumping ground, and then all of the other toys were stuffed under the Thomas the train table in Ellie's room. Now all her clothes are hung up in her room, and all of the toys are nicely sorted and stored in her closet. The Thomas table remains in the living room because they're playing with it often, but it can easily be put back in Ellie's room (leaving plenty of room left for her to play) or when Adam's done with his crib, I'll put it in his room. The second half of his closet still remains suitcases and fur coats though. Some things can't be helped.

I thought I might miss all of the shelves in our bathroom, but I don't at all. Having the drawers is SO much better, and having to move everything out of the bathroom really helped us declutter. Bonus: I had been thinking about getting some little baskets for storage and sundries after Easter when they'd be on sale, but instead picked a couple up at a yard sale last weekend for the grand total of one American dollar.

I also love the improved look of the place. The new doors and the new baseboards make things look ten times better, and it's nice that the kids rooms are now mirror images of one another, instead of Ellie's room being such a weird, leftover office space. The solid doors just feel better, and now all of the door knobs are the same style and same color. All of our cabinets and fixtures match again, and not because they're all the same cheap melamine. Natural cherry forever! I've always appreciated the good bones of our house, and I'm so glad we could tart her up with some new accessories and paint. And hooray hooray, this should be our last inside project for a loooooooong time. Outside improvements only, from now on!


  1. Looks wonderful- and looks like their is nothing else to change!