Monday, March 16, 2015

Well, Isn't that Special!

This week in inconvenient news:

Yup. That's my broken down car. It stalled as I was exiting the freeway. Of course I had the kids with me. And of course, it happened on the weekend when my parents were out of town skiing, and Tim was out of town at an optional company party in Las Vegas (you know, because he was on a business trip for a week only a week ago, and so needed some time to catch up with his coworkers. He just missed them too much!) Thankfully, I always have Auntie Sara (there's a reason why she's my favorite sister) and she was able to have our neighbor come pick the kids up, and the tow truck arrived shortly thereafter, The nice thing about all of the other drivers in my family abandoning me is that at least I can have the Prius without having to bother anyone! And it comes already stocked with mints!

Today I had the car towed from my parents' driveway to the Honda dealership, and Tim and I have both put in calls about the Accord he's looking to purchase. Now it's all a matter of seeing what the service guys have to say, and what the sales guys can do. We were already looking towards replacing the Civic, but weren't looking to do it quite this quickly. It probably heard us talking bad, and decided to fake its death.

The good news is that before everything went to hell in a handbasket, the kids had a wonderful Sunday morning with Mimi and Pa. Not sure if Pa had quite as much fun as Ellie did.

I taught her how to do that, because seeing them playing reminded me of once when we were all out at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Holmen, and ended up having a water fight in the front yard (how it started I don't know - we're sometimes a fun family, but not usually THAT fun) and Grandpa had the hose. David walked up to him and asked to use it, and Grandpa handed it to him, only to have David immediately turn the hose on him.

And on Saturday morning, Ellie, Sara and I had a fun girls date. We met up with Lexi and Whitney and their moms and had lunch at Ruby's and then watched the new Cinderella movie. Second row in the theater of a noon showing! Can't be beat! The girls were pretty well behaved, though we were all glad that the entire audience was kids and parents, so it wasn't such a crime when we ended up having to explain things (or tell the girls to be quiet.) At the end of the movie, Lexi was on Kristen's lap, Ellie was on mine (trying to lean over and talk to Lexi) and Whitney had curled up on my other side, in Ellie's seat, and was patting Ellie's arm and saying how much she loved her. In the end, I think they liked the Frozen short better than the Cinderella movie, and they all liked going on the carousel afterwards and then started crying because they were all tired and it was hot out. No good parenting deed goes unpunished!

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