Friday, September 26, 2014

Mother's Little Helper.

Ellie seems so much more grown up lately, as though perhaps we will really truly leave the terrible threes behind before we even pass her fourth birthday. Her big thing lately is wanting to help where ever she can. She loves sorting laundry and putting it in the washer/dryer and starting the machines. She happily sets the table for me at dinner time (the other night when I sat down, she goes "what do you say now that you have a fork?" and I sort of stared at her for a minute because I didn't get what she was after, and then I remembered to say thank you.)

Yesterday was bathroom cleaning day, and she happily scrubbed both toilets for me, and then was in charge of the spray bottle when it came time to mop. She said she couldn't wait to be old enough to mop! Me too kid, me too. Then before bedtime I was running the vacuum and she begged to be able to help. She swears she's big enough to move our monster machine. So of course, I put her to work.

Please check those boots. She has been asking for cowgirl boots for weeks now, ever since I got a pair. She has been happily clomping around the house in my boots, and I told her we could maybe get some for her birthday. But since I knew she needed to try them on, and I wanted her to have her choice of footwear (because she is already a picky pickerton when it comes to her wardrobe choices) we went and picked out a pair yesterday. She is SO thrilled with them, and I love how much she enjoys them.

It was quite touching - when we were leaving Target, I told her that those were part of her birthday present, and she thanked me. I said that she should also make sure to thank her daddy, and when Tim came home for dinner last night, the first thing she did was show him her boots, and the second thing she did was say "thank you for my birthday present daddy!"

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