Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heat Wave.

What a week! It's lucky we're all still alive. The entire week has been 95-100 degree temperatures. Tim has been working until 11pm most nights, working towards a big deadline. Going to get groceries makes me want to spontaneously combust in the middle of the parking lot. And then double bonus: THE POWER HAS GONE OUT. Tuesday it kicked off around 2, and was down for approximately two hours. The kids couldn't sleep, so we just went over to Gigi's and called it a day. Swam in their pool, had Taco Tuesday and complained about how Grizz refuses to use his air conditioner. Just because the thermostat reads 87 degrees inside the house. That's no biggie! And I couldn't even stomp off to my own house because the power wasn't on! It was frustrating, and sweaty.

And then yesterday, another hot morning, more crazy kids, and then just as I was getting everyone settled for snooze time, the house became suddenly quiet. Farewell, electricity! Thankfully, they both took a good nap, and the house didn't heat up too much during that time. I love that the battery in the thermostat allows me to see how hot this dump is getting, even if I can't turn out a light or save the food in my fridge. I hoped that it was just going to be another two hour outage, but it was not to be. The power was out until 7am this morning. The good news is it was cooler at Gigi's house and since everyone slept a little, my internal rage meter was much lower. Plus we took some scotcheroos over to Tim's office, so the kids got to see their daddy for a minute. He was so pleased that Ellie wanted to see his game in person.

And then, I took them home, having rustled up a head lamp from the trunk of my car (I get it from Grandpa Howie. Always be prepared!) Via headlamp, I got the kids tucked in and just sat in the quiet, reading my book, with the cats fighting to come sit with me. Yes kitties, it's over 80 inside this house, I would love a fur throw. I mean, it wasn't the heat that was miserable, it was the fact that there was no air movement in the house without the fans. No breeze, no help. I eventually had to go and take Adam's jammies off because he was so hot and crabby.

The good news is that we woke up to power this morning. And even though Adam woke himself up by pooping, he didn't try to take his diaper off before I got to him. Today, it's been much smoother sailing. The temperature outside dropped back into the 80s, and the AC is running along at a nice 78.

Plus we went to the mall to tool around. I wanted to try out the backpack leash I bought for Adam, intending to perhaps use in O'Hare next month. I also let Ellie bring her baby Suzie in the doll stroller. We were quite the sight, as you can see.

She started sobbing when I asked her to let Adam push the stroller for a turn, so I told her she could hold his leash, and that pleased her.

You have to be prepared, you guys.

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