Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ellie the Ice Princess.

Ellie was so excited that everyone had off yesterday for Labor Day. No daddy going to work! Vacation for everyone! And then today she informed us all that vacation is over, time to go back to work! And then her follow up question was "what are we doing today?" I reminded her that it was Tuesday and Mimi was coming over, but she asked if maybe today we could go ice skating again. OKAY!

As you can see, she did a GREAT job. Funny how much she has improved over the past year, without having gone ice skating again. I guess being almost four and more coordinated helps. I mean, last time she could barely stand and I dragged her around. This time, as you can see, she did best when left to her own devices. She got her balance going pretty well and really only fell when she stopped paying attention to what she was doing and started paying attention to other people. She even did better on her own versus when she was holding my hands. Plus I did better too - trying to keep a forty pound potato upright is a work out!

Please enjoy that she requested to wear her tutu skirt so she could twirl. And hilarious - after one of her falls, she started crying to me about how her undies were wet, so I took her to the bathroom thinking she'd had an accident. Nope, just confused about the ice melting through to her butt. She's a great one, that little girl. It makes me so proud to see her doing her best and learning a new skill, and it makes me happy beyond words to have her skate over to me and say "I love ice skating with you mommy."

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