Friday, September 12, 2014


My funny little kiddos. I can't believe Ellie is almost four. All of a sudden she's had another growth spurt, both physically and emotionally. I had to clean out almost all of the 3T clothes from her closet last weekend, and mostly buy 5s when I'm shopping, so she'll have a little room to grow (though I am always afraid to buy clothes without her approval, because there's nothing she enjoys more than rejecting things I've carefully selected with her taste in mind.) And emotionally, I feel like she's beginning to leave the terrible threes behind (which as promised, were much worse than the terrible twos.) She understands more, she can wait sometimes, and she's learned some dang manners. She loves being a helper and wants to help me cook and set the table. She's got such spunk and life to her. She loves talking to strangers, telling them about herself, or about a dog she once saw. She just cracks me up. It's also funny to watch her learn social niceties - on the night of Grizz's birthday party she told him "thank you for having me" as we were leaving, and the other day after petting one of our random dog friends she told the owner to have a nice day.

And then there's that other little guy. He knows what he wants, and he's talking more and more, but as Mimi described him, he's a bit of a little mime. He makes his wishes known, for sure! One of my friends described his screaming as like that of a pterodactyl, and it's pretty accurate. He says thank you, and I'm working with him to either say or sign please. The only sign he's mastered is more, and while he definitely shakes his head no, he hasn't figure out how to nod yes. He loves wearing his shoes and walking, but doesn't really like holding my hand, which is why I have purchased a back pack harness (aka toddler leash) for us to use in the O'Hare airport. He's officially gotten all of his teeth, and is dropping to one nap. Becoming a bigger boy every day!

He is also a huge pest. This is what happens when I try to wash dishes with both hands, instead of doing kitchen chores with him on my hip.

And this is what happens during laundry folding.

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