Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eighteen Months.

Who is this big, half grown up boy? As of today, he's eighteen months old! We had his well baby today and he's almost 24 pounds and 32.5 inches. Which, I referenced my reference material, and turns out that he's smaller than Ellie was at this age. But not by much. He is also less of an eater than she was/is. I feel like I spend a lot of time standing with him in front of the fridge, asking him to pick something to snack on, and in the end, whatever he chooses he then rejects. HOW DARE YOU CUT UP THAT PEAR FOR ME, DO NOT OPEN THAT YOGURT I DON'T WANT TO EAT IT! But he's growing nicely, so they are not worried. And Tim, for as tall as he is, was only 6'2" when he left for college. I gained the freshman twenty five. Tim grew four inches and got even skinnier. Life is not fair.

Adam continues to have one of the sweetest personalities around, but he's definitely learning how to throw himself a dandy fit, throwing things and throwing himself down on the floor to wail about the injustices in his life. He's not big on imitation or on performing - he has his words that he can say, but he'll rarely parrot back something we ask him to say. The other day I asked him to point to his nose/ears/eyes and for the first time, he actually pointed to them instead of completely ignoring me.

And so busy. Today he managed to open the front door. He took all of the bathing suits out of the bathroom. I found him wandering with a nail clipper. He'll go find my fancy necklaces and put them on. He moves the stool so that he can get his own tooth brush, because he LOVES brushing his teeth. He pulls on Lulu until she bites him and then he yells at her. He only likes to poop right after I put him down for a nap. He climbs on chairs, he stands on couches, any time he can grab a piece of electronics and run with it, he will. He takes out all my tupperware and puts it in the living room, every single day. Sometimes, all he does is follow me around and cry because I won't let him get burnt at the stove. He would like me to hold him most of the time, except when he's tired and then he'd like for me to pick me up so he can immediately cry and try to throw himself out of my arms and on to the floor.

He's such a funny little muffin. He loves to wear his shoes, he loves to wear necklaces, and he likes to dance to the music from Dinosaur Train. Lately, if I try to sing at him, he tells me NO! But we started doing music class again this week and he loved it. Ellie was at preschool when we went and I was amazed at how manageable the class is with only one child! Adam is big on books, especially the recordable story books that he can read himself, and he loves play doh (which he calls dee-doh.) He also likes to bring the iPad to Grizz so he can play the monkey game (which he also calls dee-doh for sticker.) He thinks peekaboo is the best game ever. Basically, he's our best boy ever.

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