Sunday, August 3, 2014

Safe Returns.

All of our grandparents have returned from their vacations. Ellie ignored all of them, because we let her watch Frozen on Thursday night. She only talked to Mimi for a minute on facetime, and when Gigi and Grizz came home she came out and hugged Gigi, then ran back inside to get back to the TV. Adam however, was very excited to see them, and kept following Grizz around, demanding to be held. He's a snuggler, that one.

We've been having such a nice time with everyone. The cousins are absolutely in love with each other. Ellie loves anything that Olivia does, and Olivia is very intrigued with Adam. They've played lots of blocks and followed each other around the house, taken group tubs and squealed at each other. It's very, very cute.

Ellie said that there were only a few puffs left and so she was going to give them to Olivia... then she dumped out half the can.

When Olivia started fussing at the Hat today at lunch, Ellie immediately jumped into entertaining her. There was some peekaboo and a funny face contest. The best.

And you know, just some laying around. Relaxing.

Our other big fun over the weekend was going to a Frozen themed birthday part for our neighbor friends Alexa and Cole. She was turning four, he was turning one. We were informed to be there on time because a "special guest" was arriving at 11:30.


It was unbelievable. Queen Elsa was a fantastic entertainer - when she came in, all the little girls were shy, and then they quietly crept closer to her as she introduced herself and talked to the birthday girl, and then they all began chattering at her. Ellie showed Elsa that she was wearing purple, like Elsa's coronation cape, and she had her coronation hair! Queen Elsa was so great with the kids - she listened to and answered their questions, she rolled with all of their goofiness, and she really kept up a great show. First there was some magic (some of which even I didn't understand. SHE TRULY HAS POWERS) and then she led them in a round of Let it Go, and then everyone got their face painted. It was perfect that while they were waiting for face painting, most of us took the time to make our kids eat some pizza, and then it was time for birthday cake, and Elsa led the song. She was so entertaining, and so enthralling. I swear, she could have told the kids that they needed to sell their souls, and those little girls would have handed it right over.

Then Saturday night Mimi and Pa came over to hang out with us for a bit, and then babysit so Tim and I could go and have a belated anniversary dinner. Ellie had a fantastic time with them, AND got to make her party favor Olaf!

Do you want to dementedly eat your snowman?

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