Friday, August 8, 2014

Mother of the Year!

...or at least, mother of the morning.

Our swimming lesson was canceled today, which left us with nothing to do and all day to do it in. THE WORST OF ALL POSSIBLE ACTIVITIES! However, then I remembered that I'd recently gotten an email saying that the carousel at the Spectrum was fully repaired and that we could get ourselves a free ride for all of our trouble (I should have gotten 3-5 free rides for how hard Ellie cried the first time we tried to go and were turned away.) But still, I don't like to turn down free things. So I packed a lunch, packed up the kids and off we went. It was really nice - I went through Target and bought some household supplies, and then they were both totally delighted to ride the carousel.

Well, Adam wasn't totally delighted. He was gripping my neck for dear life, so I took him off his horse.

Then we went and sat in the shade by the big wheel and ate our lunch

Adam did like that I let him walk around on his own. It's funny to watch him get distracted by grates on the ground, and plants, and music. Trying to walk back to the wheel took quite awhile but hey, jog some of that energy out children! Then we took our free train ride around the joint. I had to go in the car so that I could take Adam, and we shared the car with two little boys, maybe about 2 1/2. They told me all about their favorite movies and sang some Frozen songs. Their moms were totally jealous that they didn't have to cram their buns onto a little bench on a train for children, I know it. But Adam was trying to stand on benches and fall out of the train car, so it was good I went with him. And again, FREE!

We ended our adventure playing in the little playground area that they have near Target. Ellie got to ride down the little slide holding Adam, and he tried to make a break for the parking lot, so everyone had a good time! I think they enjoyed their morning out more than they enjoyed yesterday's afternoon in.


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