Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pictures and Stories.

Oh, those funny little kiddos.

Adam is talking more and more. He can say Gigi pretty clearly, and last night when he saw Sara after work, he started making the S sound. He is also pointing at Don (and at pictures of Don) and saying "Poppy" clear as a bell. So sweet! It's also sort of funny to me because during the great grandparent renaming of 2011, Don was the only one who 1) didn't want a new name and 2) was actually renamed by Ellie herself. He went from being Grandpa to just being Pa, and now both kids are starting to call him Poppy. Maybe he'll get to be Grandpa to his great grandkids. Yesterday when we were in Trader Joes I gave Adam a bite of the food to sample without checking it out first. Turns out, it was a spicy curry and he was less than pleased. The poor little guy started crying and then pointing his finger and yelling "NO!" incredibly loudly. We shop at a Trader Joes near a retirement community, so all of the older people were giving me the look like he was a brat. Poor guy, his mouth was burning and he can barely talk!

Diaper hats, the new hot fashion.

He's a funny kid. Still a very sweet personality, but becoming more and more stubborn as he grows. He's becoming more of a mama's boy, which is not my favorite. I mean, I love the kid, but I could do with a little less pulling on my legs, and demanding that I hold him while trying to cook. I am excellent at making coffee one handed. When he's tired or hungry, he enjoys following me around the house, wailing at top volume. One morning he was doing it as Tim was trying to escape to work, and I turned to Tim and said "no, no, you go. I know you're jealous." The other fun thing is when Adam is too tired and too hungry to get his crap together enough to actually eat supper. So he'll scream in his high chair, we'll take him out, he stands next to me and cries, and eventually we shove a few bites of food into his mouth and put him to bed. And then some nights, he shovels food in faster than I can put it on his plate. Most of the time though, he's so busy that we can barely get him to eat.

Friday night everyone else was busy, so the kids and I went on a hot date before picking Sara up from work. Adam fed himself most of that mac and cheese and then the kids switched plates and Ellie finished off the noodles and Adam plowed down on some grilled cheese. Thankfully, it was one night that he actually decided he could have some snacks.

And then there's Missy Moo. During the past week or so, she has spent almost every waking moment carrying either her little cat or her baby doll around, loving on them and insisting that we hold the baby, that we be quiet because the baby is napping, or that we change the baby's diaper. She's a nut.

She also got a new car seat, which she's very proud of. CHECK OUT HER SWEET CUP HOLDER!

And this is what nap time looks like at our house. And arranging them all properly for snooze time is why she's in bed for three hours but only napping for two.

Here is Ellie's new pet, Dead Butterfly 2. Not all of the monarchs at Gigi's house make it from caterpillar to butterfly, and when they don't, Ellie carries them around and talks to them until they go to shreds. She also likes to make sure that all the neighbors know "this is my dead butterfly. He died. He loves me though! Oh, it's okay dead butterfly!"

And here's my future new pet, Star the Neighbor Cat. I love him so.

I mean, are you kidding me? Look at that love muffin! I am not saying that I'd outright kidnap him, but I'm also not saying that if he tried to follow me home, I'd shoo him back to his own yard.

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