Monday, August 18, 2014

Vegas baby, Vegas.

In the continuing adventures of August 2014, Tim and I spent 36 hours of this past weekend in Las Vegas. Our friend Todd had his birthday on Saturday, and he and Sara Jo's favorite comedian, Whitney Cummings, was doing a show at the Palazzo, so Sara organized a big group of couples (mostly parents) to escape for a quick trip. We flew out on Saturday morning, and got home Sunday afternoon in time for dinner.

It was such a fun trip! We stayed at the Flamingo and had a cabana at the pool. Six couples spending the afternoon drinking, floating, mouthing off, and being disgusted by the realization that with only three stalls for each gender, the hotel basically expected that all of the drunk idiots would just pee in the pool. Then upstairs for quick naps, a little food and some cleaning up before our evening out.

I have only been to Las Vegas twice before - once with Tim  to see Beatles Love, and once for my old boss's 40th birthday. It's not my favorite town in the world because I am easily overwhelmed and cheap. I don't gamble, the very thought of a yard of margarita makes me barf everywhere, and while I appreciate the thought of going to a buffet and eating myself sick, I feel like a lot of the shopping and dining options mirror ones that are already available to me living in Southern California (I know, I'm oh so fancy!) But going with a big group of friends was absolutely great, even though I still found myself really overwhelmed by how huge everything is - I'd forgotten how massive all the hotels are, and how great the people watching is. I mean, especially by the pool, yikes!

That said, the comedy show was great, and then we walked over for our dinner reservation at Lavo, which was not AS great. The service was very soundly meh, and I was so tired by then that I could have keeled over and fallen asleep under the table (except that my sequin dress would have been too scratchy.) But Sara Jo surprised me with my own little happy birthday dessert, and that made me feel incredibly special. Plus you couldn't beat the company and all of the conversation. So nice to just be a grown up person out with other fun, grown up people, not having to worry about getting home or dealing with kids (Adam and Ellie were with Saint Gigi for the night. She is so nice!)

As soon as we got back into our hotel, I fell asleep and slept like I was dying. It has been a loooong time since I've been able to sleep like that, and it was the best ever. Then we met everyone for a buffet breakfast and a little more hanging out before heading to the airport. Carpooled home and met up with our darling kiddos, who were happy to see us, but not as insane as expected. It's so nice that they're getting big enough that we can do the occasional couples trip without feeling like the work required to leave is not worth the trip, though most of that credit goes to our amazing parents.

The good news is that Gigi has a vacation of her own this week, hanging out in Door County with her sister. Everybody wins!

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