Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Melonhead Convention.

Well. We are reaching the final week of Gigi and Grizz's trip. WE DON'T MISS THEM AT ALL. Though in all seriousness, the two weeks have gone better than I anticipated. I figured I would have at least one day where I was sobbing for relief by 5pm, but that has not been the case. I can say though, that I will never turn to Ellie and say "I hope you end up with a kid just like yourself," because no one deserves a child who talks at them for fifteen straight hours. I don't want to hang out with my grandkids if they're as chatty as their mom. Nope.

Mom and Dad report that the wedding was great, and they stayed out dancing until 4am. Here is a shot of Paul and Louise with all of their nieces (and one wee nephew.)

In the meanwhile, we went to the concert in the park again on Sunday night and had a great time. There was a lady selling "hand decorated" hula hoops, and while we did not buy a $20 piece of plastic with colored masking tape on it, we did use the free samples to get some good hooping done.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Target and bought Ellie some googles for swim lesson. As you can see, she has put them to good use. Turns out, both kids really enjoy getting sprayed with the hose. Adam was running around with his slightly too-large trunks exposing his crack, absolutely screaming at me to douse him.

Today though, FINALLY, we got some new fun visitors. Lisa, Kate and Olivia arrived around lunch time after a mostly good flight from Chicago. The gals are going to keep Sara company until mom and dad get home, and then we'll all have some family fun for a few days while Gigi and Grizz recover from their jet lag. My kids are absolutely NUTS about their cousin. She was asleep when they came in, and Adam went over and stared at her in the bucket seat and quietly chatted at her. Ellie kept begging to hold her and followed her all over the house (Olivia Newton Jane is just learning to crawl.) There was much playing of blocks and squibbies and just cute baby time. Ellie was especially glad that Olivia no longer spits up, and seems tolerant of the excessive drooling. Right now everyone is napping, but we look forward to reuniting for Taco Tuesday. It's a small thing we can do to make up for the absence of all grandparents (Ellie was SO mad that we weren't spending the morning with Mimi, who is in Seattle. Only the promise of Olivia snapped her out of her funk.)

Bigheaded lunch party!

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