Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Little Village

Well, all of the grandparents have abandoned us, Tim is working a lot and Sara also apparently has a job that requires her attention, but at least we have our little village of friends!

Yesterday during nap time Sara stayed with the kiddos, and I snuck out with a plate of cookies so that I could meet the newest member of our village, Clare's new baby brother Owen. He is so tiny and sweet beyond words, and I was so grateful to snuggle him and check in on my friend. Cara looks great, and I look forward to coming over soon to do more baby snuggling, and to show her how to use the Moby wrap. I swear, it's the only way any of us have gotten around with two babies.

After nap time Nicole came over with Jackson (just turned 3) and Jameson (just turned 3 months.) Jameson is a chunky, chunky monkey, and he enjoyed snuggling with Sara and farting on her arm. It's funny that all of the second set of siblings have been boys, and that Juddy and Adam are within a few months of each other, and now Owen and Jameson. Friends for everyone!

Our friend Monica was in town from Oregon, and so a bunch of us "original Mommy Matters" girls got together for an hour or so before supper time. The kids are getting so big! Tre will be FOUR next month, and now everyone is a big sibling.

Ellie was a little disappointed that she was the only girl, but then she saw the baby girls and everything was better. She really enjoys for me to sit with a baby on my legs and sing to them.

This morning we got in a quick run and then picked up Sara (ON TIME YOU GUYS, I WAS ON TIME!) and dropped her off at work. Ellie was very disgusted that I didn't shower before I went to get Sara, and Sara did not take me up on my offer to smell my armpit. I like to say it's not sweat. That's just my fat crying.

And then Lexi and Judd and Whitney came over for some lunch, and some time spent running around the house at top speed screaming at top volume! A basically perfect life.

But in all seriousness - last night Adam fell asleep while I was nursing him and I held him for a few minutes, thinking of how big he is and how quickly the time has gone. And how I'm glad that I have friends who will let me come and snuggle their sweet newlyborns every now and again. And how grateful I am that I have two beautiful, smart, funny, healthy children. And especially, that when we moved into our house I had no friends in Orange County and no friends with kids, and now we have a million friends and loved ones to spend all of this time with. It's such a gift, getting to watch all of them grow up together.

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