Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Boring Weekend.

Just kidding! Another weekend cram packed with fun! We are surviving okay with Gigi and Grizz having abandoned us for Germany and France. Ellie was awake when I took Gigi and Grizz to the airport on Thursday morning, and she reassured them that she wouldn't sell their house while they're gone (I make no such promises.)

Because they were gone, there was no pizza and ice cream on Friday. Instead, I had to take them to the park. BOOORING.

Just kidding again, they loved it. There was much climbing and scooping and petting of dogs. Adam took off yelling with joy after a sweet yellow lab.

Saturday morning we went for a walk and hit up a couple of garage sales. Check out the sweet musical instrument we secured for the low price of only one dollar!
There was much dinging and donging over the next few miles. And fighting over sticks.

Then while Adam napped, Ellie, Sara and I went down to San Juan for petting zoo fun

They got a new play ground structure at the petting zoo!

And a fantastic lunch at El Maguey

We spent our evening hanging out with Auntie Sara and the kitties. There was pizza, racing of matchbox cars and general tomfoolery.

This morning we went to meet Mimi and Pa at the Orange County Fair. We were there early, which was great because we got in for $3 and the crowds weren't too terrible. It was still boiling within minutes. The biggest downside was that we can in through the wrong gate and were around all the adult rides. Tim and I went on the tiltawhirl and Ellie had a full scale melt down because she was too small for it, and for a lot of the other rides nearby. Poor thing was hot and tired and miserable about it, but also so weepy that I was irritated and ready to pack up the whole crew. Thankfully we found the kiddie area shortly thereafter (after much walking and visiting of large smelly barnyard animals.) Once Ellie got to ride some rides, she was ready to calm down and have some lunch of fried things. The best by far was the pickles wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Highly recommend. The bacon corn dogs, not as delicious. Ellie got on a few more rides after that, and we bought her a little cup of chocolate ice cream, and then headed back across the fair grounds to our car. We stopped to do the old school photo booth photos - you can see what happened to Adam on the way. Now we're just relaxing while they nap, and preparing to do the concert in the park with our friends tonight. Never a dull moment! (except when it's so dull that I want to lay down and fall asleep in the yard. Ah, parenting.)

Ah the line to get in. It's my favorite ride!

Sorry little girl, no tiltawhirl time for you! Better luck next year!

(throwback to 2006, which was the last time Tim and I were at the Fair. We were celebrating our first anniversary!)

Balloon ride!

Bee ride!

Adam's only ride... sitting on Pa

On our way out. Poor tired little nugget.

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