Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Concert Recap

We had a nice time at our concert in the park on Sunday night. I mean, the music was kind of meh. The band was fine, but Journey sucks, so hearing a Journey cover band doesn't really light my fire. I'm holding out for ABBA night later in the summer.

The kids had a great time though. It was pointed out to me that Ellie looked like she was ready to go to Coachella in her little halter dress, sunglasses and wild curls, and once that was said, I couldn't unsee it. Meanwhile, Adam was dressed like a grandpa in his little bucket hat and his man leggings. My little goofballs.

It's nice to see Adam and Judd finally hitting it off with one another. Poor second children - they just don't get the same kind of attention so a lot of times it seems like they're just in ergos together. Or maybe it's their manliness, that they don't feel the need to constantly hold hands like their sisters.

We let the girls ride in one seat together on the shuttle bus back to our cars, and they were so thrilled with being allowed to be grown ups. So of course, they spent the whole ride screaming "WHAT? CHICKEN BUTT!" Tim taught Ellie that. We are all thankful for his education efforts. On Sunday night, Ellie told me that the bus ride was her favorite part of the weekend. Once again, how nice to be able to make a child's dreams come true. All of that activity, and the free bus ride was the best part.

We are holding up okay without Gigi and Grizz. Sara stayed over night here last night so she could get to her volunteer job in the morning, and Ellie thought that was pretty great. Mimi and Ellie went to the library today and had a great time, but now Mimi and Pa are going out of town for a wedding. And Tim worked late night. If it weren't for Sara, we would be dying of boredom around here. She is a life saver and such a sweet, sweet auntie. And she didn't ABANDON ME to raise my children alone like the rest of those hosers.

But, it looks like Gigi and Grizz are having a good time.

Maybe too good of a time?

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