Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Gigi!

We had lunch at Gigi's house today, and so started the day with a brief (freezing) swim. Ellie was so happy though, it's hard to tell her no. It was so lovely to just sit outside with everyone and eat and relax and chit chat. We had to come home to work on nap time (for everyone except Tim) and then it was back to Gigi's house for cocktails and appetizers, now in the front yard. Watching hummingbirds, riding big wheels, and just general having a good time.

Per Gigi's request, I had made her an angel food cake with an orange whipped cream frosting. I borked up the frosting and it looked terrible, but Gigi and Lisa report that it tastes like their 1960s memories, so at least it wasn't a total failure. We ordered pizza for dinner (YUM) and then of course, CAKE AND ICE CREAM

And who doesn't love a sexy man on their cake?

Even more important, who doesn't love a good dance party? We always love a dance party.

It's been such a fun weekend with the cousins, and Juan and Renee.

Ellie continues to be deeply in love with Olivia

And we're all having a good time. Not a bad looking group!

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