Monday, March 17, 2014

Dinner Al Fresco

Our new patio set has arrived (well, the chairs at least. The table is on order, but they gave us a loaner to get us through.) We made beef taco bowls for St. Patricks Day. I don't know if you know this, but it's a traditional Irish favorite. At our house. Where people of Irish descent live.

We are really, really happy with it all. While I was inside putting together dinner, Tim was out grilling, Ellie was riding her trike up and down the length of the concrete and Adam was exploring the Cozy Coupe.

This is his new "big smile" face, which I absolutely love. He's a doll.

Here it is, close up (he's in the middle of destroying an entire taquito. When he wants, he's the best eater I've seen.)

And here are my two new most favorite pictures of Ellie:
She's big enough now that after an initial push, she can keep herself pumping and swinging. I am astonished every day at how quickly she's grown, and how much she can do for herself.

Like picking out the right accessories for her pajamas, so that she will not look foolish on our morning run.

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