Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Farewell, littlest Melonhead

The flight to Chicago got canceled yesterday, so we got one more lovely day with our little Miss Olivia, her parents and her Gigi. It was so nice! This morning on our walk, Ellie all of a sudden got very sad and said "I don't want Olivia to go!" and then cheered herself with the thought that we could go on a plane and visit her in Chicago.

In the meanwhile, everyone else got another day at the beach (on our walk today, Ellie also pointed out that "Gigi went to the beach with her friends, but not with me") and we had one more night of fun. We went on a trail walk, where Lisa rocked the Ergo for the first time, and rocked Olivia to sleep:

This is in contrast to Monday morning, when Olivia walked the trail near my house

Adam has been really funny with her - he's obviously intrigued, but shows his love by trying to flap his arms in her face, or chew on her feet. In a few months though, they should be good.

Last night we gave the little miss a nice kitchen hand towel and sat her up in the Bumbo, or as John aptly called it "the rubber sit up thing." We also put mom's old rattle between her toes, because that's what we do to babies in this family, apparently. She did a much better job than Ellie did, back in the day.

Now it's just back to life as normal. A fun Tuesday with Mimi, a nice long run this morning, lunch with the ladies, and as much napping as I can force upon them. I also forced the kids to come outside and have their picture taken in front of our bee-laden Indian Hawthorne bush.

I mean seriously, what am I supposed to do with this kid?

And how is it possible that this handsome little mister is nearly one?

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