Wednesday, August 1, 2012


People have joked with me that Ellie's love of rabbits and dogs means that I need to adopt one or both for her. To which I laugh, because I am a cat person. I don't want some big dopey smelly dog running around my house (I already have a 6'6" husband) and I don't need some little rodent creature pooping everywhere (I already have a Thor.)

Plus, Ellie has so many stuffed animal friends, that who needs a real life animal?

Please witness today's nap time:

She has a rabbit in each hand, including the one on the right, that she basically stole out of Granny Janny's house. When she woke up, she spent a good half hour pretending to feeding him yogurt, and then asked to bring him to bed again tonight. He is her new bestie.

Also, here is her new dog, Sweet Puppy. He's one of Sara and I's old pull toys. Mom brought him out the other day after Ellie was scared of the bear pull toy (because Gigi said it was chasing her.) Ellie was all about the dog until mom goes "he doesn't have a tail, but that's okay." Umm... that is NOT okay. Ellie cried until Gigi cut him a little tail out of ribbon and taped it to his butt. She loves him. Several times a day, she insists on walking him down to check out the hop hops. Here she is holding him up so that he can see the early moon before bed time. When we got to Mimi's house, Mimi ALSO has a Sweet Puppy for walking, and apparently Ellie tortured Mimi into walking the puppy around the house for several hours at a time.

With that in mind, WHY would I ever adopt a real dog? You know as soon as I got some living, breathing, NEEDY animal, she'd refuse to go walking with it ever.

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