Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Partaaaaaays!

Saturday, in Griffith Park for Liam's first birthday (his mom Emily is my old coworker)

Absolutely loved the carousel!

Also loved having a balloon

Sunday, at a local "splash pad" for Tre's second birthday (the oldest in our group of mommy friends)

She went absolutely caaaaaah-razy for the water, which did not surprise me. She also loves to be sprayed with the hose and have water dumped straight over her head, and she has no problem getting splashed square in the face when we're swimming. She's has that Thiel, mean-splashing streak.

Also went for a quick horseback ride with Lexi

And wept when we tried to take a group photo

Tonight we got to have dinner with Lucas Fluffcisco, who was in the area for the weekend. After several very trying, very stressful months, he is out of the hospital and at home with his wonderful parents. He is still on medication and supplemental nutrition because how much of his intestines had to be removed, but they are working on solids and hoping that by the time he starts school, this will all be a distant memory and he will be normally medically. Since we saw him last, he's put on a ton of weight and grown inches, and is looking GREAT! Thanks to diligent work, he's also catching up developmentally. Now we're just looking forward to a big first birthday celebration for our favorite boy, a week before Elizabeth turns 2.

Look at these two melonheads!

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