Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No More Monkeys!

Sorry that there's some frozen moments. She's just telling me who's in her crib with her. Please note that she will not sleep in that crib - the only person who snoozes in it on the regular is Lulu. Of course.

So, Beans loves her stuffed animals, but until recently, she loved them all about equally. She'd have a few days carrying one baby around, then ditch him for a hop hop, and then perhaps it would be about two hop hops, but then back to puppy. But over the last few days, she has been carrying her little white cat around pretty much nonstop. Because she comes from a long line of pillow-snugglers, she is currently in bed, basically smothering Kitty Cat under her body.

I love when she starts singing. It's also amazing to me to consider that a year ago, she was this little blob - barely crawling, not very communicative, and here she is, chattering up a storm. It makes all those long days spent talking to her (ie: basically talking to myself) feel very worth it. Especially today when I was getting her ready for swim class and she wrapped her fat arms around my neck and yelled "mama loves YOU!"

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