Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Park Photos.

I know you're surprised to hear it, but we had another busy weekend last weekend. Saturday, since my parents were out of town, we decided to take over their house and throw a pool party (since I never threw any parties when my parents were out of town during my high school years.) It was mostly Tim's coworkers, hence, no photos. The miles of buck white skin would have probably ruined my camera. We had brats the PROPER WAY (grilled first, soaked in beer in and onions second, obviously) and lots of chips and dips and ice cream. The biggest kudos goes to Auntie Sara, who was auntie of the year, entertaining Beans so that I could participate in adult conversation for the first time in what feels like months. I always feel like Ellie will be easier out in public now that she's not a screaming infant, but ugh, I'm always wrong and have to leave when I realize that I can't get a single word in because she is demanding so much of my attention.

Then on Sunday we had Mimi and Pa over to hang out with their girl (and celebrate my birthday.) Ellie was mostly good at dinner time, but was at her best when we went to the park on the way home.

Suffice to say, we had a good time.

It continues to be hot here, so Ellie continues to live most of her life in just a diaper. On days where we have nowhere to be, it's not worth the fight. Plus, she is like a miniature furnace - yesterday she was sitting in the rocking chair, watching the Cat in the Hat for a half hour, and when I picked her up, she'd sweat through the back of her pajamas. Just sitting there.

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