Thursday, March 29, 2012

Music Makes the People Come Together.

I am so glad that Ellie loves music. If she's sitting in her high chair at Gigi and Grizz's, she will almost always ask that we turn on the Bose stereo for her, and then she'll wiggle around in her seat. In the past couple of days, she has danced like crazy to an old Beck song, and an old Cranberries tune from my iPod, making her favorite musical genre "Meg's CD collection circa 1996."

This week was our last week of music class. Towards the end, Ellie had finally started warming up to it - shaking her eggs when it was egg shaking time, getting me the washboard to play during musical free play, chewing heartily on the mallets when it was bell and mallet time. She didn't turn into the crazily singing and dancing girl she can be at home, but I thought she was enjoying it well enough for us to sign up for next session. Part of music class is that they give you a CD with all the songs from your session on it, so you can listen at home and in the car. I put the songs on my iPod and today one randomly came on. When it was over, from the backseat a small creature yelled for more. I put the whole CD on, and she happily danced through every song, and then asked for more when it answered. She completely remembered them from class! I guess she was absorbing something, despite her stony faced silence for Ms. Elena and her guitar.

Possibly the cutest thing is when I sing to her goofily throughout the day, and if I stop, she will occasionally ask me, "more la?" Yes, more of my fabulous singing, augmented with la la las when I forget the words. You're welcome kid.

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