Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Day With Auntie Sara.

So, Grams (now apparently known as Gigi, per Dad's recommendation) and Grizz abandoned their girls (and Tim) to go skiing in Colorado. SELFISH SELFISH SELFISH. That's fine, we don't need 'em! I can raise my baby by myself, while also keeping an eye on Sara.

Since Sara had today off from working and volunteering, we decided to make the most of it. Ellie had a make up swim lesson, so Sara went in the pool with her. Beans still cried when forced to back float, but overall made less of a stink about being in the water. It just continues to prove the instructor's point that she cries not because she's upset or scared in the water - she just wants to cling to mom and not do the work. Then Sara and I had lunch and watched Family Feud (her choice) while Ellie napped. Hit up an afternoon play date and then off to our big fun - buying Ellie some new shoes. Her current ones are getting pretty beat up and I figured it was time to have her size checked. Plus Stride Rite was having a buy one get one half off sale. I love me a sale.

As a refresher, here's what happened when Gigi bought Ellie her first pair of shoes.

Which brings me to today. She was so cute - she just kept pulling shoes off the racks and saying "baby? Shoes? Shoes? Baby? Shoes?" It was really fun to see. I ended up getting her two pairs - one pair of red Mary Jane-like shoes, and then a pair of sequined jobbies. HOW COULD I RESIST? I couldn't.

(sorry for the quality - my cell phone's camera is a piece of garbage.)

I figure they'll be great for summer, as I'm not sure how a kid who is still klutzy as heck will do in sandals (please to witness her forehead bruise in the above picture.) She was so happy about it all, with no crying.

Until I took my Jamba Juice back and refused to let her drink it in the car. Sorry kid, I'm pretty sure you don't need an entire smoothie of your own. Next time, perhaps I will get her a little child sized one. Something to look forward to for her fall shoe shopping trip.

Sara also took Tim and I out to dinner tonight. Ellie is having some serious tantrum moments lately, especially if I don't let her stick her hand in my ice water while at restaurants. When I told her agua was all gone, there was much screaming, and a trip out to the parking lot. She never misses a chance to ruin a nice day, that kid. But then when we got home, I asked her for a kiss and she ran over and gave me a big snotty one, and let me snuggle her off to bed tonight with zero fight. I guess I'll keep her. I mean, I did just invest in new shoes, so she can stay until she outgrows them at least.

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