Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chit Chat Chatterbox.

Two days a week I walk with my girlfriend Cara. Two more days a week, I just walk with my little girlfriend. Here is a small sample of what a walk with Ellie is like.

Ellie: woof woof, woof woof!
Me: That's right, a puppy dog.
Ellie: AH-walk, AH-walk
Me: That's right, he's on a walk with his dada.
E: Dada! Dada! More dada?
M: Your dada is at work right now.
E: More woof woof?
M: I'm sure we'll see another dog shortly. Keep your eyes peeled.
E: Pine. Pine. Pine. Pine.
M: Do you want a pine cone? Here, here's a pinecone for you.
E: Pine, pine, pine. Uh oh, pine KAH-boom. KAH-boom.
M: Here's your pinecone back. Don't drop it.
E: Pine KAH-boom.
M: I said don't drop it.
E: Pine KAH-boom. Bye bye pine.
M: That's right, bye pine. You dropped it and now it's gone.
E: Agua? Agua? Agua?
M: I will give you your agua, but you need to keep it open. Do not close your agua.
E: [approx. four seconds later] agua! Agua! More agua?
M: Did you close it? Tough nuggets.
E: Agua KAH-boom. More woof woof?

She is very cute, but I have to admit, there are days (and moments when I'm trying to push her up a steep hill AND talk) where I miss when she was little and would sleep on our walk, and I could listen to my iPod. I will say though, I am continuing to love the new jogging stroller. I even jogged on Monday! (and now am so sore that I can barely sit down.)

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