Tuesday, March 20, 2012

17 Months.

We are almost a year and a half, can you believe it?

Ellie's biggest development at this age is all of her crazy talking. She's begun to put words together, which is very cute. I just wonder how many words it takes before it becomes a sentence. Does "mama shoes" count as a sentence? She is big into discussing people's shoes, food items and her babies. Oh man, is she in love with her babies. She is constantly pushing one or both around in her stroller, and sometimes she lets her bunny join in the fun. Today she put her baby in the stroller and placed a washrag over her, and then told me "shhh... baby night night." It's way cuter than when she barges in on me in the bathroom and yells "mama pee! Bye bye pee!"

She loves music, and will often ask us to start playing music so she can dance. She's also definitely warmed up to our weekly music class and will play along pretty loudly. In music class, we do a song where there's tap-tap-tapping and clap-clap-clapping, and she loves to do it in the car (the mommy in the front will tap tap tap and then the baby in the back will clap clap clap.) Tim was sort of amazed the other day to realize that she can differentiate the two and perform the right action when asked.

Vanity Smurf is still the vainest baby in all the world and adores looking at pictures of herself. I realized the other day though that in her little baby flip book, her favorite pictures are the ones of her with someone else. She likes to look through it and point out all of her family members, including Howe and Ro, which always makes me so incredibly happy - I can't wait for her to see her great grandparents again this summer. She also loves skyping with people, and when she hears the skype start up noise, will look at the computer and ask for Howe or Ro.

Overall, she's a pretty great little egg.
Sitting in her lawn chair with her babies.

Reading "Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog" to her pals.

"Oh Grams, don't go on vacation EVER AGAIN."

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