Sunday, June 12, 2011

Miles To Go Before We Sleep.

It's been QUITE the busy weekend for our intrepid explorer and her parents. Put a couple hundred miles on the car, sadly skipped a couple of naps, but happily got to love on many of our family and friends.

On Friday we drove down to the San Diego area for Eileen's cousin's retirement after 31 years in the Navy. Grandma Eileen was incredibly excited to get to show off her cute little baby lady friend. Ellie had kind of a rough night because there were a lot of sudden, loud noises (laughter, dogs barking, the occasional sneeze) that startle her and make her burst into tears. She did like watching the guy in charge of making tacos chop up meat, oddly enough. Her favorite part of the evening was sitting on the dining room table with her Grandma and some great aunts (and her great-great Aunt Maureen!) We had kind of a difficult time getting her home - she cried much longer in the car than normal, which breaks my heart. Finally (after a brief stop off to feed her a little) she gummed on her favorite doll's head until she fell asleep. My poor love bug.

Yesterday we spent the morning hanging out and cleaning the house, and then we headed out to Pari's house for book club. The first meeting was back in March, and we didn't have our stuff together enough to attend. This month we were able to clear the date, we were able to read the book, and we locked and loaded and drove out to Redlands. The girls were excited to see the smallest member, even though she'd failed to read the book and did not stay on topic during discussion time. But she persisted in being cute as heck, and rolled around on Pari's living room carpet like a crazy person (until of course, I got out the camera. Then she froze and just played with her feet. Even telling her to roll for Grandma Rosie didn't get another flip out of her, the little turd.)

So that brings us to today. We headed up to Long Beach to see Auntie Sara play basketball at the Special Olympics Summer Games. Auntie Sara has been just waiting for the moment when her Itty Bitty was big enough to manage at the games. I suspect we might have been slightly better off attending the upcoming winter games, but so be it. Ellie fell asleep in her carseat just as we pulled into the parking lot, and then woke up the instant the car stopped, so she was pretty pooped. The whistling and the air horns and the cheering of the basketball game threw her for a loop, even in the Baby Bjorn and with her family around her. She stayed around to see Sara play the beginning of her game, and then we had to go for a walk outside to quiet down. When we got back I fed her and she flat out passed out in my lap. She even kept sleeping when I stretched out my legs - I'd been sitting indian style and my legs had gone numb up to my knees. She did wake up in time to congratulate Sara and the other members of the Hawks for taking the gold medal. And then off to Grandma and Grandpa's house for an early Father's Day celebration for her Grandpa Don. While the rest of us had some Chinese food, Ellie slurped down an enormous container of squash, the crazy little lady! Despite the fact that she'd taken a little snoozer with her daddy, she was pretty inconsolable with tiredness when we left.

Tomorrow we're hanging out with Grandma again, and going up to Culver City so Ellie can meet the eldest member of her extended family - Sister Mary Bridgit. However, this is an afternoon thing, and I'm hoping we'll be home in time for a long, healthy afternoon nap and a regular dinner, bath and bedtime routine, for the first time in what feels like a million years. Our busy girl needs her beauty sleep!

With Auntie Sara

Gold medal winner and gold medal snoozer.

Do I have something on my face? How about on my eyelashes?

I can use my snaggletooth to open your beer bottle!

This is what happens when Gramps won't let her chew on his glasses. Mean old Gramps

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