Monday, June 13, 2011


So today was the final day in our several day odyssey of driving all over Southern California. We were up this morning and on our way to LA with Eileen to visit Sister Mary Bridgit/Aunt Mary. Ellie slept the entire way up and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to be the cute social butterfly she is (when well rested and well fed.) We went out for lunch and she was happy to sit in a high chair and play with a spoon (until of course, my food came, then she wanted me to hold her) but she kept her squawking down to a dull roar so the grown ups could talk.

After our visit was over, and since we were in my old 'hood, we went to my favorite vintage store, the grungy, delightful House of Return. They have an amazing selection of weird, sometimes amazing designer clothes. They didn't have any good sequins items that matched both my size and my budget, but I did have an amazing time trying things on. After pointing out a few local landmarks to Ellie, we were back on the road, where she immediately passed out. Hopefully she'll get a little more grandma time tomorrow before Grandma and Grandpa leave for Paris, France!

Tomorrow we will relax, perhaps visit the grocery store, but not drive all over the world. Maybe I'll finally catch the baby doing some rolling over!

All of the girls posing together.

Telling Aunt Mary a story or two.

Ellie and the oldest member of her big extended family!

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