Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nutsy Noodles.

Oh these children, what am I to do with them?

Busy day at both of their schools today. Ellie had her fundraising fun run, for which she completed thirty five laps. It's the first time she's worn tennis shoes since she was forced to wear them at camp this summer. Adam's school had a stuffed animal pet parade, which was pretty sweet, all of these goofy little kids with their best stuffed animals. Adam obviously had Lamby.

Because of Ellie's class fundraising, they were allowed to also bring a favorite stuffed animal to school today. She brought Smelly Cat along for our whole morning, and even shared some cake pop with him.

Ellie's love affair with Lulu also continues. The cat ends up in her room most days during nap time, and almost every night these days. It's sort of a sad-funny, because Lulu's totally content to hog Ellie's bed, but if Ellie pets her too much (or at all) will nip at her. Lulu's SUCH a cat. Last night while I was putting Adam down for bed, the cat did consent to a photo shoot with Ellie. I love that she's mastered both the flipped camera selfie, and the mirror selfie.

And Adam's love affair? Please witness his answers from the Valentines Day party at his school.

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