Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Baby.

That's right, Ellie's class butterfly hatched, so she got to spend an afternoon playing butterfly mommy while Flappy stretched out her wings (though, in actual baby news, Tim has recently gotten a flier about the Saddleback Hospital Women's Wing, even though he is not capable of carrying a baby or getting anyone pregnant, and I just got a big box of formula samples. No thanks marketers, the store is closed!)

It's all very exciting stuff! I'm bummed that not all of the class got to see their caterpillar hatch, but we have a another chrysalis in the garden that I'll keep my eye on. I went down for the count with some weird virus on Thursday morning, so Tim had to step in and be the garden parent for me, and he did well. Taught the kids all about the distribution of seeds, helped them color a work book, the usual. It's nice when everyone helps!

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