Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valentines And More.

We had a successful week of celebrations. Valentines is always a hit with the kids, because there's candy, and Ellie loves making cards for people and illustrating her thoughts and feelings.

We had our neighbors over for a romantic fondue party. We made the kids eat grilled cheese and hot dogs beforehand so they'd be out of our way, and then I nearly started a grease fire because I've never done meat fondue before. Thankfully, our helpful friends opened all the doors and windows and took off their sweaters to help flap the smoke out. And then my house smelled like Korean BBQ for two days.

BUT! The food was good and plentiful, no one got a grease burn or a food-born illness from undercooked meat, The big hit of the night was the chocolate fountain that Lisa brought over.

THIS WAS BAD IDEA BEARS. They couldn't really reach, and they had no regard for those around them, and we gave them sharp forks. So, they stabbed things and dripped chocolate allllllll over the place, and then we finally got smart, speared and dunked some treats for the kids and made them eat off a plate. Next year, we'll put the chocolate a fondue pot, on the table, with a plastic table cloth.

Ellie had Friday off for the holiday weekend, and the kids got to sleep over at Gigi and Grizz's house and have popovers in the morning. Tim and I had a dinner date with a friend, soon to be coworker of his, and Gigi (rightfully) didn't want to be driving back and forth to our house during the heart of the STORM OF THE CENTURY! (many trees down, but we didn't lose power or suffer property damage. For other parts of the country, it was just a heavy rain. For us, END TIMES. I'm just glad the pine on the side of our house didn't go over.) Then yesterday, for fun times, we decided to take the kids to see the Lego Batman movie after nap time.

I thought it would be great - they love the Lego movie, they like Batman well enough, and we smuggled in candy, bought popcorn, and invited friends. And we had pizza afterwards! Kids announced that it was boring, they didn't like the movie, and they weren't hungry for pizza (despite whining for more snacks during the show.) I personally thought the movie was great and super funny, and my pizza was delicious. Then today, they wondered if we were going to do anything fun.


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