Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday Catch Up

It's been a busy week around here. Tim was up in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference, giving speeches and winning game of the year with his team.

In the meanwhile, it was Dr. Suess week at both of their schools. Adam wanted nothing to do with dressing crazy, but Ellie was all ready for Wacky Wednesday. And wacky, she was. Remind you of anyone?

This however, was a vast improvement over Tuesday, where the poor kitten woke up with a 102 fever from a UTI. Thankfully, Gigi was able to take over my garden mom duties at school, and I took Ellie to the doctor for a quick diagnosis. She spent the morning on the couch watching Moana

And the afternoon snuggled with Grizz, watching the evening news.

It's a difficult job, but thankfully Grizz is up to the task of staying in his recliner with a blanket on his legs.

She is much on the mend now, thankfully. Hooray antibiotics! And we also got to take Lulu into the vet on Monday because she's back to anxiety peeing on our carpet. Everyone pees in a cup this week! Lulu also hissed at a cat decal on the wall, which cracks me up. Ellie was less amused and sobbed about how they were going to hurt her kitty - thankfully everyone at our vet is really sweet, and they assured her that Lulu would be fine (and Ellie loved the idea of Lulu just having to go pee in a cup too.)

So, all in all, an okay and busy week for all. My MOPS group had our spring boutique, so I was there most of the day yesterday, and then Adam and I thankfully took very long afternoon naps. Please enjoy this video of his malapropisms - it's my favorite.

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