Monday, March 20, 2017

New Kittens.

After Rocky died, Mom said she wasn't going to get a new cat until after Petunia passed on. And she wasn't going to have three cats again, three cats is too much.

BUT NOW SHE HAS TWO NEW BABIES! Because let's be real, one cat is not enough, and if you're going to jump through a thousand hoops to get kittens from a rescue league that treats stray cats like hidden treasure, you might as well get two and be done with it all.

So now, she has two kittens that were found by a garage man, after their mom left them on part of his truck during a rain storm. They were only ten days old when they were found, and now they're six weeks and part of Gigi and Grizz's crazy house. Spikey Rahrah is on the left, Yogi Bear on the right. THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE. I cannot stand it.

The kids are in love, as any decent human would be when presented with a kitten that weighs barely more than a pound but purrs like the dickens the second you touch it. Yogi is especially snuggly, and Spikey is a little more nervous about being scooped up by the kids, but seems to be getting along. The kids are absolutely thrilled with it all - other than a few incidences of needing more gentle hands, they've been wonderful with their new little friends. It makes me feel a little sad for the feral brothers that mom met but didn't adopt, but really, the kids are at such a good age to have a set of sweet kittens around. I teased Mom that it's like I'm the Gigi now, because I come over and pet her kittens and love on them and squeal over them, but I don't have to clean up after them or hear them if they wake up and get into trouble in the middle of the night.

I mean, com'n. Look at these tiny balls of fluff sleeping in Ellie's arms. It's like Christmas morning and her birthday, all rolled up together, every time she gets to cuddle up a sleeping cat (I feel much the same. It's a long, proud line of cat ladies.)

Also, today was the first day of spring, so here is the traditional time out chair picture, plus bonus Indian Hawthrone photo before the rain hits and all of the flowers come apart.

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