Monday, August 8, 2016

Why'd We Come In Here Looking Like That...

A few months ago, I got an email that Dolly Parton tickets were going to go on sale. I asked Tim if he wanted to go see a legend in concert, and he said no, but that I could take Ellie. Which is a nice idea, and 9 to 5 is definitely her jam, but I don't feel like the Hollywood Bowl, over an hour away, is the best place for baby's first live music concert, nor do I feel like the Dolly audience would appreciate Ellie whining the whole time until 9 to 5 was played. I was emailing with Becca and she said Brian didn't want to go see Dolly with her in Chicago, so invited me to come.

Which as you can imagine, I was happy to do! Because I am a terrible spouse, I then called Tim and asked "do you mind if I see Dolly Parton with Becca?" and he said no, and then I told him "great, I'm going to fly out to Chicago and see her there!" Could have made his own life so much easier if he'd just gotten on board with my concert going plans. And if Brian had gone with Becca, he wouldn't have had to put up with the two of us twin-talking the entire weekend long. It was a great show, Dolly Parton sounds fantastic - you would not know to look at her (obviously) or hear her how old she is, but she was GREAT. And I had a very relaxing weekend with the Nieburhsons. It helped that I treated myself to a first class flying experience. It's very nice up there. Free booze, good snacks, large seats. Makes it worth saving all of those miles over the years!

In the mean time, Tim and the kids had a good time and kept busy. Don also sent some of his Ironman photos - please to enjoy some of Adam as a riverboad captain.

Plus, good old bossy boots talking at her dad.

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