Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bedtime for Bonzos.

Tonight after dinner I was lazing around in bed (hiding from my kids. What, you did it too at one point) and as usual, they found me. First, they tried to crawl all over me and I pretended to be asleep, so they tried to open my eyeballs (no thanks) and Adam yelled in my ear while Ellie tried to stuff her fingers in my arm pits and tickle me. Double no thank you. But then, after I pointed out that no one likes to be screamed at and for the love, don't touch my eyes, they softened and did some lullaby singing. This is the second time Adam went through this song, but it made me laugh SO HARD that even though he knows a dozen or so bedtime songs, this is what he picked.

The other one is giving Jerry Jeff a run for his money. It's funny because since Lisa's been in town, we've heard Navajo Rug in the car twice, and both times I told Ellie that we danced to it at Auntie Kate's wedding, but maybe she doesn't remember because she was still in my belly.

A good story that I forgot to share: so this past Sunday, Eileen and Don had gifted Tim and I with tickets to see Cabaret at the Segerstrom. When we scheduled it originally, it also came with babysitting services, but then it came up that they had other plans, and we all figured Gigi could take over (and be paid with peanut M&Ms.) And then Gigi broke her leg. And it was a Sunday night and Sara has work on Monday mornings. So it came to pass that I figured Jake might owe us one, after we spent our wedding anniversary watching him jog around town up in Windsor, and I asked him if he'd mind babysitting. He said yes, because he is both a nice uncle and a nice brother. We went easy on him - the kids had already eaten, they were relatively clean and didn't need a bath, and so basically he had to keep them alive until bedtime, and then have them in their beds before we got home. And we were home by 9:30, so he had less than four hours as the adult in charge. Ellie was still half awake and so we had to go in and kiss her when we got home, but that's not uncommon. All was well! And then in the morning, I realized that Jake has apparently never changed a diaper, because Adam's overnight diaper was on backwards. But, there was no leakage, so basically, I'd be willing to pay Jake DOUBLE what we paid him on Sunday.

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