Sunday, August 14, 2016


Not too much to report around here. We've had a pretty quiet week, which is nice after all of our travels. Every morning, the kids whine about not wanting to go to the kidzone at the Y, and every morning I make them go so that I can work on my fitness.

Thankfully, they're not suffering too much, as you can see. They've also been doing lots of art projects this week, which pleases Ellie greatly. Adam's always happy to play in the sandbox and use the blocks.

Auntie Lisa is in town this week to help out with Gigi, and we got to pick her up from the airport. Ellie loves having a captive audience, so that she can tell an hours worth of random stories in twenty minutes. No idea where she gets that from.

Speaking of car time - they recently discovered Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire and now request it. The funny part is that it's my traditional karaoke song. I know all the words, it's easy to sing (it's more like talking) and it's impressive! They are well on their way.

Yesterday was my 35th birthday - I had a new, obnoxiously yellow dress, and Ellie made me a beautiful necklace (she also took this picture.)

My neighbor Lisa was hosting a baby shower for her friend Lauren (who I also knew from UCLA and have enjoyed reconnecting with) and so I spent most of the day over there, showering Lauren and helping out, while Tim and Patrick contained the kids at our house.

We got the kids and went swimming with Grizz, which was much needed during the hot afternoon, and then had a delicious dinner with everyone, followed by cake with Sara Jo and Todd and Whitney. The evening ended, as all good parties do, with a dance party:

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