Thursday, August 25, 2016


Big fun today, going to orientations for both Adam's preschool and Ellie's kindergarten. All I have to say is:

Woof. In both cases, we got a packet of information, and then basically had a presentation in which they read us highlights from said packet of information. And then opened the floor for questions, and people asked questions that only applied to their family. Please ask those questions in private, so the rest of us can leave and quit doodling on our packets (or telling our kids to pipe down.)

I meet Adam's teacher next week. I met Ellie's teacher today - she's a new teacher, which raised some eyebrows in the room, and the principal is also only in his second year at the school. Compared to some of my friends, I feel almost dangerously laisse faire. I have done absolutely nothing to advocate for Ellie's instructor or instruction - I filled out the packet of info as requested back in May, I turned it in on time, and since then, I have done nothing. I haven't emailed other parents, I haven't researched the various teachers, I haven't gone and tried to balance the feng shui of various classrooms... I just can't be bothered to be too concerned about kindergarten, even if it is THE NEW FIRST GRADE. As I tell everyone, I figure that Ellie will be able to bloom where ever she's planted. She did great in TK and is a smart kid, and if it turns out that she's either genius level exceptional, or a local idiot, we'll deal with it at that point. Until then, I'll assume that the school and her teacher has her best interest in mind, and that she's surrounded by intelligent, loving family members.

I will also say that I don't anticipate crying next week. I love five year old Ellie. I love watching her mind work. I love hearing the things that she learned in school. I held a six week old baby today, and it in no way made me want another baby, or wish that my children were infants again (especially not my little melonheaded ball of colic.) I anticipate dropping her off and going for a jog with Adam, fairly dry eyed.

Also, I felt like a bit of a cheater today, going to the meetings in a dress and jewelry, with my face all made up, considering that last year I rolled out of bed, put on yoga pants instead of pajama pants, and then threw a sweatshirt on over my pajama top. Add sunglasses and travel mug of coffee, and that was my look every morning at drop off. And half the time, at pick up, I was in very sweaty clothes after going running.

We'll see how this year goes - depressingly, Ellie is a later gator, which means she starts at 10, and basically my whole morning is going to be in the toilet. HOW AM I GOING TO ATTEND MY 9:30 CLASSES AT THE Y? But, the later gator classes are smaller (as early bird is preferred) so the teachers were talking up the benefits of kids having more one on one time (as they are hoping maybe some parents will opt to push their kids back to the later session.) We'll see how it goes - we have a few more fun weekend plans, and then it's back to the grindstone. At least we'll get to sleep in!

Ellie resumed her dancing this week. Now the Wednesday class is ballet, so she's back to her pink tights and pink shoes, doing lots of good first position. However, her recital is also the same day as Olde Ellison Bay Days, so I'm preparing her for skipping the recital again this year. Hopefully, we can figure out our plans before I have to pay for her costume this year.

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