Monday, August 29, 2016


My big girl is a kindergarten girl! She woke up so excited! And since we had until 10am, she had plenty of time to fart around the house (as did her lazy mom.) No more waking everyone up and hustling out the door, with me in my pajamas. Today, work out clothes, because we walked down to school. Both kids loved running along together, and we'll definitely try to keep that up. It's weird during pick up and drop off though, being a later gator, because the place is pretty quiet, other than the other thirty or so parents of later gators.

She wore her boots, because she's Ellie, her Hungry Caterpillar dress made by Grandma Rosie, and her new lemon barrette from her back to school shopping trip with Mimi - the lemon is so that the hungry caterpillar can have something to eat if he so desires.

She said she was a little nervous before she went in, but she introduced herself to her teacher (she's decided to go by Elizabeth this year) and then she walked in and hugged her friend Kayla, who is an early bird. Blew me a kiss, and that was it! Adam and I strolled home and then headed off to the Y, and I spent the rest of the morning doing some house cleaning. I was unsure how Ellie would feel at pick up - she usually eats lunch around 11:30, and is down for a nap around 1, and being a later gator means she has a snack at 10:15, lunch after school, and then today we didn't get down for nap until closer to 2. I know it'll be an adjustment, but she was happy to see me - she and Adam resumed their after school hugging like they'd been separated for years - and she said that she LOVED kindergarten. Did some coloring, read some books, had her snack, and immediately slammed the rest of the food in her lunch box while we walked to the car. Now, everyone is having a little snooze, and we'll get ourselves ready for another day. SCHOOL FOREVER!

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