Saturday, July 2, 2016

Video Catch Up.

Here's a few from our trip, and one from last night.

Here's the little cousins, busting some moves

Ellie did lots of good jumping that day - you can see how cold it is though - she scrambled for that ladder REAL quickly.

Ellie and Olivia did a lot of good table dancing during their time together. The funniest part was when John Nollin tried to get up and join them, and Ellie informed him that he was TOO BIG (much to his great sadness.)

Oh Adam Howard. Please note, he got plenty of candy immediately after this, but did manage to do some good laying face down and crying by the side of the road. He's a real treat.

Everyone's belly laughter absolutely slays me. All children and generations LOVE when Dad talks in his Donald Duck voice.

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