Sunday, July 24, 2016

Living Their Best Lives.

In general, I find nothing makes my children more unhappy than doing fun things, especially the more money you spend to make those activities happen. But every now and then, you find that they will just enjoy themselves instead of finding something about which to be totally sour.

Yesterday they had a swim lesson in the morning (Adam was not a fan) and then both were so tired from the week that I couldn't get them off the couch, even with a bribe of taking them to Ruby's and buying them a milkshake. Which probably ended up being for the best, because they went down for early naps, and then I woke Ellie up in time to head over to city hall for a bubble fest, put on by the friends of the library. Recall a little over a year ago we paid a bunch of money to attend bubble fest at the Discovery Science Center, and she lost her composure so badly that we ended up walking back to the car about five minutes in.

This time, she was a delightful little bubble guest!

It definitely helped that this event was more low key, more well lit, and that every single kid got to go in the giant bubble (which is basically all that they're interested in.) Our neighbor friend Aislinn came too and also loved it, and afterwards we went over to the library where Ellie picked Bridge to Terabithia out of the Friends book sale. She followed that with fifteen minutes of squealing about having A CHAPTER BOOK!

From there, our hot date continued down PCH to the Laguna Beach, where they were having a Tip a Cop fundraiser. I've managed to get Lisa to join my 5K team for We Run the City, so it was nice for her to see some of the athletes and learn more about Special Olympics. Plus it's always such a fun thing for the kids. The girls got to have milk shakes, the moms got to have milk shakes (we bought child sized ones, because we are so virtuous) and then they had free balloon animals, face painting, and time spent getting arrested.

Then we went back to Lisa and Aislinn's house to join with our husbands and have dinner. The kids came home tired, dirty and happy as clams.

This morning I made pancakes, and then we went over to swim at Gigi and Grizz's house. After some initial hesitation about jumping off the back wall, Adam is now back to throwing himself around in the water like he can actually swim. Now they're napping before we go to the concert in the park with Lexi and Judd. What more could the kids want? (stay posted on whether or not they cry the whole time.)

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