Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Swimmy Fish Children.

In case you haven't heard, it's hot as Hades here. Which leaves us with no a lot to do other than sweat to death, or GO SWIMMING!

After his initial hesitation, Adam is back into full on swimmy fish mode.

And after initially having to hunt down our swim instructor, we've had consistently good lessons. Today, the Y was absolutely slammed in the morning because there's a swim meet at the facility next door. The kids and I pulled up around 9:10 so that I could go to the 9:30 boot camp, and at first, parked about a mile away. We were midway through our walk when I realized, I was going to miss the class anyways, I was going to have to walk BACK with my kids when all was said and done, and we were still going to have to try to come back at 1 for swim lessons. Instead, we packed it up and headed home. Ellie put up a big fuss, even though she says she doesn't like the KidZone anyways, but then at 11:30 when we showed back up we found convenient street parking, and they hung out in the KidZone while I worked out on my own, and then we all did some good swimming. I only wish the video of Adam was a little longer!

And please to view green band winner, Elizabeth Beans! She's now passed her swim test and is cleared to swim where ever she wants at the pool!

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