Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summertime Blues

Everyone around here is getting tan, with ratty hair and sun screen all over their skin, which I guess is the way to be during summer vacation. It's hard though! It's nice to sleep in past 7 every morning, but the kids are nutso. TK didn't feel like that much time every day, but now that Ellie's home, it's three extra hours that they can bicker with each other or whine to me.

It's wonderful that we have our Y membership, because then momma gets an hour to work out every day. Ellie complains every morning, but I remind her that last summer she didn't want to go for a run in the stroller every day, but she did! We're getting back into their swim lessons, which is great, and Spa Thiel is now up and running. Adam's been much more hesitant this year about jumping in and swimming, but he's slowly warming up. Still won't jump off the back wall yet. He said he's scared because he can't swim, but we assured him that it would be okay. And the first day he got in and did some good paddling, then I had Ellie hanging off of me crying that we though Adam was a better swimmer than her. Kid, he can't even swim. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just holding onto him so that he doesn't drown. I know, meanest mommy ever.

Ruffle fish getting ready to hit the waters.

We had a busy Fourth of July weekend. On the 3rd we went to a friend's house, and the kids (Ellie mostly) spent almost four hours in the pool. Then bounce house. Then we finally crammed dinner and dessert into them and they sat and watched a movie and let us sit outside and talk about them for ten minutes. We didn't get home until almost 11!

Then on the 4th we had our traditional nerd party with Tim's coworker friends, and bonus little kid friends this year. Tim got a virtual reality helmet, so part of the party fun was everyone trying it out. The best nerd accessory ever! We had tons of good food and brats and lots of chips and dips, and the kids helped me make a big dirt cake (because I love America, but I'm not very proud of it right now.)

Jake picked up a big pile of sparklers and fountain fireworks, so we set those off when it got dark. Thanks for not calling the cops on us, neighbors!

The best part is that every year Jake lights the fireworks, even though he's usually got an Ironman lined up. Sure, blow off some fingers or toes - it's not like you're going to need them!

The rest of the week we've just been keeping busy. Adam has lots of chores to do, obviously.

And today after the Y we went the splash pad, which is great because it's also right near a fun park. Did Adam cry almost the entire time? YOU BET HE DID.
Ellie loved it though, so that's good.

Also enjoyed a nice family park date last night. Adam and I ended up on the swing next to them, making us a family of circus animals.

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