Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Desert Rats and Baby Showers.

Hello again, friends and family. Tim and I greedily took another weekend off from parenting this past weekend to drive out to Palm Springs and celebrate our friend Sara Jo's 40th birthday. Palm Springs honestly remains a bit of a mystery to me - it's so unbelievably ho, and the landscape is so alien and sandy and rocky. What's the fun in that, long term? I mean, it was great for a weekend. We had a wonderful hotel with a nice pool, within easy walking distance of good restaurants and bars. Which is not too shabby. But I don't know if I'd enjoy it as much if I wasn't lounging in a pool drinking booze drinks and eating chips and guac.

The kids had a great time with Mimi and Poppy, despite the fact that when we dropped them off, Ellie was wailing hysterically because she'd lost a piece of shiny trash that she'd picked up at the splash pad, and Adam was angry that he had to go to the office, not to Mimi's house, and he was hungry, even as he was scarfing a Kind bar. They got to go night swimming, and day swimming, and have pancakes and pizza. And Ellie got to do a lot of good crafting work getting ready for Jolie's baby shower on Sunday morning.

Kids table action - no yucky boys allowed!

Then after everyone left, we had a little birthday party for Jake. Yucky boys were allowed.

For Grilling..

And Chilling...

Unlike her mom, Ellie did not take advantage of any downtime to nap, and so passed out on the way home. She's at a day camp this week, which runs from 8am-6pm at the local fancy pants gym. I've been going to pick her up closer to 5pm so she actually gets some day light time with her family, but she's hanging in there better than expected. She's swimming a lot and loves their rock climbing wall. I hope she understands that naptime will resume once camp is over. Otherwise mommy will go nuts. 

And in closing, here is Tim doing some karaoke in the desert. Our friends were surprised that he was so willing to get up and belt it out solo. I was not. He's just as big of a showoff as me, in his own way.

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