Friday, June 3, 2016

Tip A Cop.

Another fun Tip a Cop night last night, this time at the Irvine Spectrum. They really turn it out for the event - a whole bunch of restaurants participate (including our favorite, Ruby's) and because there's a large central space, law enforcement can bring out a ton of vehicles. Last night the kids got to eat burgers, drink milk shakes, and see a SWAT vehicle (they loved popping their head out of the top), a mobile command unit, various cars and motorcycles, AND a police dog. Plus a bunch of other random dogs wandering around - Ellie was petting this enormous black monster dog, and the owner goes "you can sit on him, if you want." So, she rode a dog (did not get a photo, sorry.)

We did photograph her fancy outfit for our hot date with Gigi and Grizz

Mostly Grizz.

We got to ride on the ferris wheel with him, which was a thrill for everyone. Grizz was a very nice date to have, because the Spectrum is huge and the kids want to explore every inch, but also don't usually end up wanting to walk the whole way. And since Tim was still at work, I very much appreciated having a second set of hands. 

Of course, we also rode the carousel. And since Ellie can sit by herself now, Adam got to choose whatever animal he wanted (instead of me having to keep them near each other.) Of course, he picked an ostrich. What could be more fun? 

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